February 5, 2004

The beat goes on. . .
Here, I'm making the lip that would retain an aluminum louvered panel that was probably only ever used once. We still have to make the body as it was original.

We flipped the car yesterday to enable quick, easy layups with gravity on our side. This is the roof structure being glued to the firewall. If this was done when the car was right side up, it would take twice the time and twice the mess.

The reason we flipped the car upside down was to get the dashboard glued in. You could imagine doing this while the car is right side up. Just a few ways to speed up the process.

The gray straps are 1 1/2 oz matt which glue the nose to the dash pipe, including the dashboard.
One layup connects all three parts.

Today we flipped the car right side up so that I can finish the left side control arm cover.

Ain't she sweet! And no big drips. The pipe in the center of the roof can be skinned with small patches or one continuous matt patch. Carl plans on racing this car hard and a little more strength in the roof means a little more safety!

I'm making the naca duct which feeds air (defrost) to the windscreen. This was done by the Gulf team and this is how we're assembling Carl's car. John Wyer had a lot of updates on all the Gulf team cars. We are utilizing Gulf knowledge to make Carl's car as good.

The Gulf duct is on the left, the duct we're making is on the right.

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