1973 Porsche RSR (12/11/00) Day 1

The first stage in the project is to strip the car down to the tub. Once this is done the tub's condition can be evaluated and the rest of the parts can be carefully evaluated. We will be posting original race photo's from the past and show the restoration of parts (i.e.: the complete restoration). We will also give you some how to pointers, let you know how parts were acquired, and most of all some of the tricks of the trade. So stay tuned...

Note the width of the '74 RSR body.


Original '73 high butterfly injection 2.8 liter.

Stripping the body for the big restoration.

The '74 RSR fenders being cut off in preparation
for the '73 RSR steel flair replacement.

The removed fender ready for the next step...

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