"The Good Old Days"
Vintage Formula Vee Celebrity Challenge
Freeport, Bahamas- Mid-80's
Photograph 38

I am chatting with Brian Redman at the Bahamas Speed Week. Brian is asking me if this thing will go any faster.
My reply was "How fast do you want to go?".
photo by Tim Pendergast

We had some great drivers in the Vee's...by the way, I bought these N.O.S. Formcar FV's from Vasek Polak. They were still in their original boxes hanging from the rafters at Polak's 356 Pacific Coast Hwy. shop. I bought them in the early 80's. They'd been hanging since 1960 something.
photo by Tim Pendergast

I think we won the race...it was staged.

This is after we got done assembling all 5. Note the two cars in the background...way cool!!

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