1978/81 Porsche 935 "Moby Dick"
Chassis # 935.81.JR.001

One of only three Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” built by the factory. While one was totally destroyed in a racing accident at Riverside, California the other car is on display at the Porsche factory Museum making this example the only Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” in private hands and one of only two remaining cars built. Fabulous history with JOEST Racing and Moretti. Successfully campaigned by racing legends such as J.Maas, G.Moretti, B.Rahal, B.Wollek and others until 1983. An extensive frame-off restoration was just completed and the car was accepted in the 2004 Historic LeMans races. A rare opportunity to own one of the most significant and competitive Porsche race cars ever built.

This car has already been approved to run the Le Mans Classic.
Accepting offers above 600K US.

The Outrageous "Moby Dick"

Porsche 935/78 "Moby Dick" Chassis 935.81.JR.001
Engine: Six-cylinder, two-valve, air-cooled opposed-piston, twin turbo engine
Output: over 800 HP at 8200 RPM
Displacement: 3211 cc
Fuel system: Bosch mechanical injection pump, 120 liter fuel tank
Driveline: Four-speed gearbox, no differential
Chassis: Light-metal, tubular space frame, plastic body, independent suspension, coil springs, vented disc brakes
Wheelbase: 2279 mm
Length: 4890 mm
Weight: 1025 kg (by rule)
Performance: Top speed 365 km/h

1981: German National Championship:
22/3: Zolder: Mass, #66; 3rd.
29/3: 300Km Nurburgring: Mass, #66; 2nd.
05/4: Hockenheim: Mass, #66; 1st.
Sold to G. Moretti. Repainted red.
26/4: Riverside; Los Angeles Times GP: Moretti/Mass, #30; 14th.
03/5: Laguna Seca: Moretti, #30; 8th.
25/5: Lime Rock: Moretti/Holbert, #30; 4th.
31/5: Mid-Ohio: Moretti/Rahal, #30; 2nd.
14/6: Brainerd: Moretti, #30; 22nd.
28/6: Norisring, Germany: Moretti, #70; 2nd in German Championship race.
28/6: Norisring, Germany: Moretti, #70; 5th in 200 Miles race.
12/7: Watkins Glen 6-Hours: Moretti/B. Rahal, #30; 6th.
26/7: Sears Point: Moretti, #30; 4th.
02/8: Portland: Moretti, #30; 2nd.
16/8: Mosport: Moretti/B. Rahal, #30; 26th NR.
23/8: Road America: Moretti/B. Rahal, #30; 5th.
13/9: Road Atlanta: Moretti, #30; 22nd NR.
16/5: Silverstone 6-Hours: Moretti/M. Baldi, #78; 7th OA.
23/5: ADAC Salzburgring: Moretti, #16; 4th.
06/6: ADAC Wunstorf: Moretti, #16; 5th.
27/7: Nurnberg 200, Norisring: Moretti; DNF. (Acc.)
07/8: G.P. von Deutschland, Hockenheim: Moretti; DNF. (Acc.)
05/9: Spa 1000Km: Moretti/M. Baldi, #60; 7th OA.
19/9: Mugello: Moretti/M. Baldi, #3; 8th OA.
6/11: Kyalami 9-Hours: Moretti/M. Baldi/S. van der Merwe, #7; 5th.
10/4: Road Atlanta: Moretti/S. van der Merwe, #30; 3rd.
24/4: Riverside 6-Hours: Bob Wollek/M. de Narvaez, #46; 3rd.
24/7: Sears Point: Moretti/S. van der Merwe, #30; 7th.
31/7: Portland: Moretti/S. van der Merwe, #30; 22ndNR.
11/9: Pocono: Moretti/S. van der Merwe, #30; 2nd.
27/11: Daytona finale: Moretti/S. van der Merwe, #30; 7th.
1993: Sold to Switzerland.