December 9, 2003

We're going so quick, we forgot to take a picture of the new front grill. You can barely see it in the picture on the left. The picture on the right shows the tail in the beginning of a week of fitting.

First, you must place the tail on the frame to establish index marks.
Next, the roof goes on and it is indexed.

Here, Andy and Mark are establishing the 15mm aluminum tube that is used for the hinge brace inside the tail. The roof and the tail are now mated to insure both radiuses match.

Andy is hoping Mark doesn't weld through his hand.
Mark is actually welding the tube that runs the distance of the side pod, inside the tail.

These bars are used to establish index between the nose and the door apron.
These measurements were taken from our Gulf 917.

The rear deck lid stays are now fit. The GEZE clamps are bolted on top of these mounts and hooked to the base of the chassis mounts.

The tail is ready to slide on and hinge. You can see the almost perfect fit after the tail is attached with the hinges.

This is the tail brace. You can see one of the hinge mounts is cleco'd to the brace. This hinge will be glued and steel pop riveted, then the brace will be attached with a layer of 3/4 oz. mat.
We will show this process as we do it.

This is the radius that goes around the fuel filler neck.

You can see both hinges in the picture on the left. The flat radiused part is the tail guide which keeps the tail indexed when it's closed. Stay tuned, the chassis has just been taken to the media blaster. The media is walnut shells which will take the paint off but not hurt the aluminum chassis.

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