February 16, 2004

Upside down one more time to finish the bodywork around the brake ducts and the edge for the aluminum fender panels.

The Daytona window is indexed and ready for gluing. The clamps on the right show where we are gluing the oil cooler enclosure to the nose.

Finished with the oil cooler ducting. Cleco clamps are holding the deck lid hinges in place while the aluminum tube support is being glued to the inside of the deck lid.

This is a picture of the hinge pocket on the driver's door. The hinge bracket is installed. The picture on the right is the tube support waiting to be cabosiled in the side pod area of the deck lid.

The tube is now glued in and will be wrapped with glass when the tail is removed. The marks on the deck lid are 1/8 and 3/16. This represents material that has to be added to make the gap right.

Martin is not giving you the bird, he's just holding the headlight ring in place for a picture. To assure a perfect fit, a thin coat of filler is usually added to one panel or another.

Here, I am putting on the final mat strap which connects the door frame to the door skin.

It's a lot easier to drill these holes before the windshield is installed. This was not in my contract, but because Carl has been selling me parts for 30 years (for all of our prototype restorations), how could I tell him I couldn't do it.

Andy has joined the group and is fitting the rear fenders and luggage trays while I do the final fit on the doors. Martin is making the aluminum front fender stays.

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